Thursday, March 29, 2012

We are waiting for Kais as he went car shopping today. Opening a bank account on Monday was a three hour process but we were one of the lucky ones - it only took us two trips. Buying a car can take several days - Kais is on day two. Yesterday we spent the day in the Southern zone. It is hotter there but we sure love the area and the people are super friendly. We were house hunting and will probably keep looking over the next couple of months. I have attached some pictures of the closest town where we attend church - Puriscal. There is an old church in the center of town as well as the park. Electronics are very expensive here as they are all imported. They also have the best bakeries. What do I miss: real peanut butter, canned albacore tuna and real maple syrup. The have real syrup but it is $30 for a small bottle. And...our shipping container arrived at the port this morning - now we wait for it to get through customs.

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