Tuesday, March 13, 2012

The last three days have been busy! On Saturday we ventured to Escazu (probably the largest Ex Pat community) to do some shopping at ... Walmart. It is similar to Costco in Washington with the ability to buy anything and multiple sample stations down every isle, just no giant sizes. I have never seen so many employees in a store before. We then checked out Price Smart, their Costco equivilent, and found it to be identical to Costco. Decided buying in bulk wasn't for us in this environment. We then headed to their high-end mall and found many of the stores you would find at BellSquare and then some. It was three stories tall and went on forever. An IMax theatre was nearby showing John Carter; we hope Hunger Games will be there later this month. On the way home we looked at an old Explorer for sell by a German Pediatrician. Kim and Kasie convinced Kais it was a no go.
Sunday we drove the 30 minutes into town to attend the Puriscal branch for church. We guessed it started at 9 am but were wrong. They start at 8 am but have their meetings backwords. We met the branch president and a few English speaking members. We were in time for Sunday school and then sacrament. All in Spanish of course but we did well singing the familiar hymns and following along in the scriptures. There were about 70 members present. One of the  young men is leaving at the end of this month for his mission in Long Beach, CA. There is one American couple at church from Montana who have lived here for 2 1/2 years. They invited us that night to join them and many other gringos who get together every Sunday night for dinner. The group included Americans, Canadians and French; a few retired dentists and a couple doctors and an artist along with others. We all enjoyed their company and they were most welcoming and helpful. We found our Spanish teacher through them as well as Kasie connecting with the horse whisperer lady who will be instructing Kasie in her horseback riding. This woman and her husband run a lovely bed and breakfast near our home for anyone wanting to visit.
Monday was a dirt road drive to Parrita beach while our house was being scrubbed from floor to ceiling. After lunch, we headed south to meet our attorney and then spend the remainder of the day at Playa Hermosa. The ocean water was warm as always and Ruby had fun with a stick on the beach. She is still getting used to the waves. When returning later that night, we heard Tigerlily in a cat fight. Minor injuries; I just think she is establishing her territory.

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