Monday, January 7, 2013

Home Building Begins

NEW YEARS RESOLUTION- keep blog up to date.
It has been six months but as we ( or should I say I) committed in our Christmas card, we are going to use our blog to keep you updated on the building of our home in Costa Rica. (I tend to use Facebook for all other things Costa Rica as it is so easy to use and post pictures.)
What has happened so far? At the end of December we had four days of excavation. We actually have two separate areas to build on - one smaller lower lot (guest house, chiropractic office) and one lot above for our home. Excavation was for the driveway and widening the upper lot and removal of trees and shrubs we couldn't keep. We also started the process of water drainage (a huge concern in Costa Rica due to the amount of rain we can receive in a short period of time). Two concrete boxes and the concrete pipe under the driveway have been installed. We also have water on the property and our electrical box was built this weekend so it can be installed tomorrow. We picked up our finalized plans and building permits this week and tomorrow we will begin staking out the house and pool. Also the living quarters and supply shed will be set up tomorrow so workers can begin the building process this week. Our foreman is ready and our builder has returned from the states today.
LET THE FUN BEGIN!                                                         Kim