Tuesday, March 20, 2012

On Thursday, Kim and I walked to a new high school opening five minutes away from where we live. As I was sitting in the crowded space watching many Tico boys I realized that most of them spend a lot of time doing their hair. My opinion: They all tend to spike up their hair to make them look taller as many Ticos are smaller than the gringos around here. On Friday, we went to the IMAX (which let me tell you, was ten times better than any movie theater around Washington), we saw the movie John Carter which, thankfully was in English. On Saturday, we hung out by the pool with the family (including kitty and Ruby). Both animals seem to really enjoy the sun. On Sunday, Kais, Kim and I drove into Escazu (which everyone always says is "the Beaverly Hills of Costa Rica") and watched State Conference in English!! We met many new English speaking families who gave us good advice on house building. On Monday, we seemed to do absolutely nothing as the pool is starting to get boring for me. Now, I'm waiting for Internet at our house which will be put in on Wenesday! Also on Wenesday we plan on driving down south where out property is and looking at houses to rent. Kais is meeting with the attorney so we can buy a car and cell phones. On Thurdsay we will be celebrating Kraig's 16th birthday and as for me, I can't Wait till The Hunger Games comes out on Friday!! Hope you all are enjoying the week and as for the Washington people, as you are all Suffering from snow I'm relaxing in the heat:). -Kasie

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  1. R you in the U.S. over Spring Break...Please call 360-348-5925.