Thursday, May 10, 2012

We know it has been over a month since our last blog, and so much has happened. We were finally able to purchase a beat up 1996 Toyota Rad4 for 3,900,000 colones (that's little under $8000). I handed the Tico a huge wad of cash and he was nervous holding that amount so he went into the back seat of the car, closed door and started counting. Cars are a lot more expensive here. So to date, we have a car, bank accounts, and official costa rica drivers license, which we needed. To get auto insurance. Auto insurance with road side assistance only costs $130 per 6 months, not bad. We visited Finca Bellevista, a tree house community in southern Costa Rica and spent a night there. It's a gorgeous property. We met our friend Mark Banks and his daughter Alamea for some nature hikes, zip lining, and swimming under waterfalls. When we were ready to leave, we discovered a flat tire. We found a service shop for tires and they fixed the tire for $3.00. I was so happy I bought the repair guy a soft drink. Life in Puriscal has been quite peaceful, but very isolated and it takes too long to get places. So we decided to make our move to Ojochal, a village in southern Costa Rica along the Pacific ocean. We are renting a home with a pool just 5 minutes drive from the beach. So far we are exploring different beaches and searching for waterfalls. We are getting ready to sign up for horseback riding tours, more zip lining and canyoning. Kasie is doing good with her online courses and we will expand home schooling once we get the materials. Ok,it's been about 3 months since really performing chiropractic services and I'm getting a little antsy. It's time to start up again and I'm looking for a place to begin. Hey, I made it 3 months! -Kais