Sunday, July 8, 2012

I can't believe it has been almost one month since writing on our blog. I guess the old saying 'time flies when your having fun' is true. In June, we were back in the US for Kais' brother's wedding reception. We enjoyed seeing Kais' mom who flew in from Washington and his sister and her family that drove from California. We were able to celebrate Father's Day as well as an early birthday for Kais. We also hit Red Robin for the Boca burger we were all craving (can't find those in Costa Rica) and did lots of shopping (mostly food items we wanted to bring back to CR). Top items on our list were: black licorice, canned albacore tuna, real peanut butter, real maple syrup, nuts, and supplements. Some of these items you can find here but they are extremely expensive, ie small bottle of real maple syrup - $30 us dollars or $15,000 clones. We arrived at the airport with 6 bags of luggage and two bins full of food. We didn't look as crazy as last time we left Denver as we didn't have the pets with us. Leaving was bittersweet as we enjoyed the time with family and yet we were anxious to see Ruby and Tigerlilly back home. We left the terrible fires burning in Colorado and came back to the clean air and sunshine of Costa Rica. The week of our return was Kais' milestone birthday. (he won't let me say the number anymore). My attempt to learn how to cook continued as I made him his favorite dessert From scratch, carrot cake. Our friends here are wonderful as they are always willing to tolerate my attempts. Kraig has started his cooking classes with the wonderfully talented Sue and Kasie continues to finish her Sophmore year. She is looking into attending the local school here as it would accelerate her Spanish. This week we also start with a Spanish tutor as well as begin surf lessons. Life is becoming busy as Kais saw 29 people last week and I am teaching yoga two days a week. However, unlike the states, we still have lots of time together as a family and rarely feel rushed. I have found great joy being more present, thinking less about what I need to do in the future or what has happened in the past. Every day is a new experience and we are blessed to be living PURA VIDA!

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